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eSignal Central Forums Etiquette, Rules & Guidelines

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  • eSignal Central Forums Etiquette, Rules & Guidelines

    The goal of the eSignal Forums is to provide a central hub where the eSignal User Community can come together to discuss eSignal, EFS, trading strategies and other eSignal products in a positive environment.

    During the course of these discussions, please help us promote a positive environment by exercising appropriate forum etiquette and adhering to our forum rules. Please extend positive courtesies to other members to help foster a positive experience for all involved during your participation in the eSignal forums. Thank you very much for your participation and contributions to our forum community.


    The following includes a list of inappropriate etiquette or behaviors that we encourage you to review. eSignal reserves the right to split, edit or remove posts that illustrate any of the following items. Your understanding and cooperation will be greatly appreciated.

    Vulgar Language:
    Vulgar language or insulting comments directed at other members or eSignal.

    This includes making personal attacks against other members, verbal abuse, starting knowingly offensive topics, mocking or being offensive towards other members, eSignal and eSignal Partners.

    Trolling is the act of intentionally disrupting the harmony of an established community with the use of inappropriate or predatory behavior. This includes but is not limited to inflammatory posts, rudeness, repetitive or offensive messages designed intentionally to annoy or antagonize existing members or disrupt the flow of discussion. Trolling also includes any personal attacks when calling another member a Troll. Please do not respond to a member you feel they are engaging in trolling activity. Please report the post by clicking on the “Report” link at the top right corner of the post.

    Flooding is the act of posting multiple times to the same thread with the intent to flood a thread to bury posts by other members or to simply increase your post count. Flooding is also an unwanted practice for members that choose to receive email notifications from the forums. Try to combine as much information as you can to a single post rather than multiple posts.

    Duplicate Postings:
    Please refrain from duplicating a post to multiple forums or threads.

    Hijacking or Cross Posting Threads:
    Posting a question or comment that is unrelated to the topic of the thread is referred to as hijacking, or cross posting. If your question or comment is unrelated to the thread, please post to a related thread or start a new thread.

    Bumping Threads:
    Bumping is the act of responding to your own thread so that it moves back to the top of a particular forum’s list of threads in an effort to generate additional attention or viewer-ship for the thread. As long as the post contains additional value for the thread, the post will not be considered bumping.

    Usage of Private Messages:
    Private Messaging is a helpful tool when needing to speak to someone in a non-public environment. Please refrain from sending general support questions to administrators and moderators. If you receive any inappropriate private messages or spam form other members, please to do not respond to the sender and forward a copy of the message to the Forum Administrators (

    Messages posted in all capital letters is considered shouting. Please be conscious of this and avoid using all caps when posting.

    Username or Profile Abuse:
    Using your profile or username to post offensive or unsuitable material, or using it to harass or offend other members is unacceptable.

    Rules and Guidelines:

    In addition to proper etiquette we would also encourage all members to review and abide by the following rules and guidelines. eSignal reserves the right to fully moderate and/or restrict participation in eSignal forums for non-compliance of the following items. Any posts not directly related to the following list deemed inappropriate by eSignal administrators will be subject to moderation and/or restriction as well. Your understanding and cooperation will be greatly appreciated.

    Spam or Unapproved Advertising:
    Please refrain from posting spam, unapproved advertisements or announcements. As with any public community, there is the concern of unsolicited advertisements being posted to the eSignal Central Bulletin Board, also known as spam.

    Many times an eSignal partner will want to post on the eSignal Central Bulletin Boards in order to generate interest in a new product offering or event. These two items in conjunction can lead to confusion for the administrators and moderators of the forums as they may not know if an “ad-style” post is from an eSignal approved partner or not.

    In order to prevent this confusion, an eSignal Partner should first contact their eSignal business contact for pre-approval and specific instructions before posting.

    Inappropriate Subjects:
    Please refrain from posting subject matter that is unrelated to eSignal products or the intended purposes of the listed forums. This includes but is not limited to; ****ographic material, sexually explicit references/images or sexual innuendos in posts.

    External Links:
    Please refrain from posting links or references to other websites that may be considered competitive to eSignal or for the purpose of promoting another website. If you are uncertain how a particular link will be perceived by eSignal, please feel free to ask the Forums Administrators ( prior to posting.

    Sending links to competitive websites through the Private Message system is also not approved. Please report any such Private Messages that you receive to the Forum Administrators (

    Please refrain from posting solicitations for personal or charitable financial gain. This section also includes language that may be asking for gifts or donations for personal or charitable causes unless pre-approved by eSignal. This type of action is beyond the intended purpose of the eSignal Central Bulletin Board.

    Please do not copy other people's work or formula code, either from this site or from another site, without properly acknowledging the original source or author. Engaging in such practice is plagiarism. This includes, but is not limited to eSignal Formula Script files. Feel free to modify existing formula code to create new versions, just document with commented areas of the code what additions and modifications you’ve made.

    Multiple Usernames:
    Please refrain from registering multiple usernames to post under multiple identities.
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