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  • Changes to Sydney Futures Exchange

    Attention Sydney Futures Exchange Subscribers:

    Please note the day and night (=1) specific symbols/sessions have been discontinued. The symbols are going to become 24 hour only. Previously there were 3 session specific designations for each symbol. Going forward there will only be 1 symbol/ designation representing the 24 hour session. Both the composite (symbols the end with 'S') and the Night symbol (=1) have been discontinued. The Day symbol will remain and represent the 24 hour trading session.

    For example:
    AP Z5-SFE=1 (Night) - This symbol has been discontinued
    APS Z5-SFE (Composite) - This symbol has been discontinued
    AP Z5-SFE (Day) - Previously designated as the Day symbol. Going forward this symbol will be the 24 hour designation.

    We apologize for any inconvenience. Please contact our Support team for further assistance.

    Thank you,
    Ray P.
    eSignal Support