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Bar/Candle width & spacing available in efs?

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  • Bar/Candle width & spacing available in efs?

    Is it possible to obtain the bar/candle width settings in efs? I can't find any reference to it in the knowledge base or this forum...

    A bit of a background: I've implemented a candle bar representation of my indicator in a manner similar to the old heiki-ashi efs script where individual candles are drawn via a drawLineRelative command. Works fine, except when the user scales the chart and the candle width remains fixed instead of expanding/contracting. Even so, I'm not sure this would be the correct course as I'd have to implement a dynamic changing of the line widths.

    It be preferable, if a constant could be accessed, that would allow the

    This is actually my second attempt to workaround the fact that there's not a PlotType of candles... and such you can't just return a set of OHLC prices and have the candles plot correctly.

    In my prior attempt, I implemented the indicator using setBarBgColor and that works for scaling but the candle is in the background and results in layering problems when additional indicators are added.... If there was a setBarFgColor with yMin/yMax settings, that would solve my issue and give me a working solution.

    Any help/guidance would be appreciated.