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Strange Activity with esignal automation/app

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  • Strange Activity with esignal automation/app

    Today, I received an urgent message from a client regarding their automation. He stated his signal was "flashing like a Christmas tree" and he did not know what was going on. When I logged into his PC, I saw that everything appeared to be OK, so I started turning on his automated EFS scripts. That's when everything started flashing like a Christmas Tree for me.

    The charts all reported "not connected to Interactive Brokers" Even though the esignal application showed it was connected.
    The trade manager seemed to keep resetting the connection to IB and the Paper Trader.
    The signal application would process orders, it seemed, that were originating from some odd place.
    It appeared there was some DISCONNECT issue that was LOOPING this process over and over.

    I shut down the esignal application and restarted it - thinking this may restore the operation. No Change.

    I'm at a loss here because I don't know why something that was working last week would, all the sudden, start doing this?

    Please help if you can. Otherwise I may have the client call your support department to figure this thing out.


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    Thank you to Avery and the eSignal support team for helping to resolve this client's issues. It appears it was all related to the IB broker connection within eSignal. My client told me the signal support staff assisted him in resetting the IB broker connection and it cleared up the issue. As of today, everything is running fine. No issues, no resetting connection, no problems.

    Thank you eSignal staff. Great work and happy clients.


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      Hi Brad,
      Thank you for the update and I'm sorry I didn't get on here sooner. Yes, the issue he was encountering is a known thing with Interactive Brokers. It's not a bug it a limitation of the API and Trader Workstation. Just as an FYI for everyone TWS has a Max Rate of symbol it will allow per second with the API. The magic number is 50 so, if the IB Dictionary in Broker Manager has more than about 300 symbols the max rate will be hit and cause the contestant disconnect and reconnect of the plug-in. The only way to resolve this is to disconnect the plug-in and in the dictionary remove the symbols not being trade or monitored at that time.


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        Nice to know Avery. Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter. Any chance this limit can be increased? Please see my other post today. I'm absolutely loving this new EFS automation.