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EFS-AT charts do not update

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  • EFS-AT charts do not update

    The problem I am about to describe may not be unique to EFS-AT users, but it has a major negative impact on them because in order to correct the problem (as best I can tell) all EFS-AT charts have to be refreshed or reloaded which destroys the current EFS-AT settings.So what is the problem?If I lose my internet connection, both eSignal and the integrated-trading broker (IB, in my case) attempt to reconnect a number of times.When reconnection is successful, more often than not, things return to normal and the interruption caused by the lack of connection is not an issue.Sometimes, however, when the connection is restored, the charts running EFS-AT scripts no longer update.The Watch List will update and give current quotes as will the Snapshot Bar; but the charts remain static, frozen in time at the point where the internet connection was lost.This has happened to me a number of times, but as I said, not every time.Has anyone else experienced this?Is it a known issue?Interestingly, the EFS-AT system continues to function (i.e., orders get placed, stop-loss limits and profit targets are respected) so the problem seems to be localized to the charting or display of prices.

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    Yes, I have experienced this with my own use and for clients. This is an issue that is beyond control of signal in the sense that any drop of live data will create an "outage" of live ticks. This will, potentially, interrupt your broker connection and possibly the eSignal data manager connection. One of my clients experienced this for about a week + with AT&T doing repair work on his street. Really pissed my off because I was dispatched to try to fix this - which was not my problem. lol

    The bottom line is that if you are going to run fully automated trading, you might be better off running it from a remote server in a location that can guarantee 99.999% up-time. When you are running these things from home or from a location that is prone to issues, you simply can't expect solid results. I know there is a site called that offers solutions. If you eliminate the internet connection drops, this problem will vanish.


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      In response to bmatheny 3/17/17:

      I do not think the problem you experienced is the same as the one I would like to solve.In my case, both eSignal and IB recover from the internet disconnection, and both function normally thereafter -- except that eSignal does not display the current streaming price data on the EFS-AT chart.The current prices are available in the Watch List or Snapshot Bar and even in the EFS-AT itself (because that script continues to operate and will send proper orders to IB based on current price data); but the prices themselves are not displayed on the chart.The visual display is frozen as of the time of internet disconnection.


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        From my experience, when the internet drops, the eSig data manager will drop the data connection after a few seconds. At this point, the reconnection attempts will continue till a "timeout" level is reached. After the time out, the Data Manager sometime shuts down. When the internet connection is reconnected, the Data Manager will attempt to reconnect to the esignal data servers and, if successful, will register the connection as a new data connection - which usually causes all the charts to reload data from the esignal servers and reload all EFS scripts with fresh data. This is like a "fresh load of the eSignal application".

        Seeing as though you are stating the chart HANG.. The only thing I can think of in this case is that the application is freezing when the data connection is re-established. You might try creating a less data intensive page and running that for a while to see if the hang is related to your eSignal page setup or EFS scripts?