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Resetting DEMO account

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  • Resetting DEMO account

    OK. Dumb question... I've been developing these automated systems and running everything through the DEMO account. In the course of resetting and reloading code over and over again - I've blown up my DEMO account (currently -156k). How do I RESET it or restore it to have new cash value? Is there a simple process I can do to restore this account?

    Probably not the first time you've been asked this question - eh?

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    I don't know how to create or delete a DEMO account, but I do know how to change the account balance in one. From within Broker Manager, select eSignal Paper Trading and then click on the Connection tab; next select Configure. The drop-down menu next to Account will show which DEMO accounts are available (I have five, which I presume is the default) and what their current balances are. Select the DEMO account of interest and give it a new balance by overwriting the current balance.


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      odgo, thank you. That worked perfectly. And I probably would have never found it.