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  • Indicator edit assistanc... Anyone

    Hello Fellow Traders,

    I would like to get an indicator edited by adding a simple function to it. Is there anyone who may be able to help in making this happen or point me in the direction of a coder who may?

    At the moment the indicator prints and arrow in the direction it wants to enter a trade

    I would like for it to enter a trade when it indicates to do so with an exit strategy through the "MM Strategy". (In other words the trade is entered only without an exit per say baked into the indicator)

    I assume the exit strategies will allow me the flexibility to make changes on the way the indictor exits (trails, takes profits, sets stoploss, etc). I assume for the indicator to exit a trade that it will require me to create a new MM strategy within the "strategy section"?

    Also I would like to be able to turn on/off the indicator easily, so it wont enter trades as well. I imagine the chart will have an AUTO button which can be turned on/off. Not sure on those methods or options?

    Thanks in advance. Would love to hear back with your idea and suggestions.

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    Thank you for your recent phone call. And, Avery, thank you for suggesting Borge contact me.

    As I stated over the phone, I can build just about anything you like and have over 15 years experience developing in EFS. Everything you have suggested is completely doable in eSignal. The only trick to all of this is to develop a strategy process that you are comfortable with and can execute every day. I can assist with this and help you build a proper solution.

    The bi-directional communication requirements you have requested are also functional within eSignal. The only trick with this is to determine if they require transaction processing or are simply shouting out "bias controls". If transaction processing is required, it is a bit more difficult.

    Again, it was great chatting with you today and I'm happy I could answer all of your questions. Feel free to contact me if you have any other development questions.

    Best regards,