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Adaptive Learning Analysis with eSignal (soon to be automated)

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  • Adaptive Learning Analysis with eSignal (soon to be automated)

    I wanted to share an article I wrote on LinkedIn for everyone to understand some of the possibilities and capabilities of the eSignal application. A few days ago I posted about a dynamic consolidator feature I developed to allow multiple strategies to run and execute an equity pool and manage multiple strategies. This opens up a whole new world with regards to running diverse and profitable strategies. Imagine being able to setup variant strategies throughout the trading day where I could use the consolidator to manage the live trading and equity allocation for these 20~40+ strategies. Could be really successful if I do it right.

    Now, imagine I use the same technology and apply it to an Adaptive Learning (AI) strategy that is capable of identifying the highest probability outcome/return over variant intervals for multiple symbols. Imagine I could set this up to look for outliers or high ROI triggers and allocate variant amounts of capital from an equity pool to trade these signals.

    Well, here is an article describing my efforts to create and verify my Adaptive Learning Strategy is working the way it should so I can attempt to create this solution. Enjoy.

    Back to coding.