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How do I reverse a position in eSignal v12.7?

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  • How do I reverse a position in eSignal v12.7?

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    Say I am long 2 contracts crude oil and I want to reverse that position and be short 1 contract crude oil. How would I accomplish this? In previous versions of eSignal (v10, v11 & earlier v12) I could place an order to sell 3 contracts which, when filled, would leave me short 1 contract. Problem solved! Now, however, any attempt to sell 3 contracts leads to a fatal blow-up in the EFS-AT script and generates an error message informing me that I am trying to cover a position that is larger than the position I actually own. But before blowing up, the EFS-AT actually sends the order (in my case) to Interactive Brokers and IB executes the order in routine fashion. Minimally, if eSignal identifies this order type for reversing positions as improper, it should blow up before transmitting the order. But more to the point, EFS-AT should not have trouble with this order. It is a single order that accomplishes my goal. Any other means that I can think of would require two separate orders, which is inefficient and possibly costly. (I am aware that the Trade Object includes a method Trade.reversePosition() to reverse positions, but this method requires that the reversed position be the same size as the original position).