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Exceeding the original GANN Box

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  • Exceeding the original GANN Box

    Hi All,

    Recently I was watching the training video's that I got with GET and in one section, the instructor shows how to set up a GANN box. In the attached chart of NAB.AX daily prices, I set up the GANN box using the method the GET instructor illustrated in the GET Videos - namely beginning at the base of the wave 3 low and dragging the first vertical of the GANN box to the first high. As you can see from the chart, the GANN box has been reasonable at containing the price action.

    However, since the price is in a wave 4 which is in an extended pattern, how do you update or extend the GANN Box to add more space whilst maintaining the original integrity of the GANN box, when the price exceeds the box boundaries ( refer to the latest prices in the chart exceeding the box range), and the next wave point has not yet been established ?

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