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    eSignal Product Specialist

    I would appreciate to know if the Advanced GET scan is available for Indian markets. Currently, I get the screen as attached on running it. Any ideas to get this working would be appreciated.

    Also if there is a way to save the historical data (of indian scrips future contracts, which have expired) on our hard disk so that it could be referred any time later, would be appreciate. In fact it would be a great tool to keep the diary of trades taken based on the studies, which could help to review periodically for any refinements.

    Thanks in advance for your reply.
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    We started the project to support NSE equities in the scanner but haven't yet sourced and programmed to support Corp Actions (splits for ex) which is required for valid scan results. Hopefully, we'll make some progress on that issue in the coming months.

    There's no utility currently (except using QLink or basic DDE links) to store data locally but that's another project that is about to be put into the active development queue as well. No ETA at this point but I'd look at Q1 of next year.

    Scott Johnson
    eSignal Support
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      Product query & suggestions


      Thanks for your response.

      Are we able to use the A GET scan in its existing format for indian equities currently or it will be release only after completing the remaining programming part.