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eSignal 12.6 constantly crashing when certain symbols are loaded (seems DST related)

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  • eSignal 12.6 constantly crashing when certain symbols are loaded (seems DST related)

    In 100% of cases the app.log file *always* contains lines like this before the crash (I've checked 5+ app.logs in all crash cases):

    2017-11-05 01:09:17.016;0x12f0;3;0;0x5d8b140;General;DataApi:ateTimeAligner::alignToLeftIntervalBorderIntraday; distance between session open time and startTime cannot be negative dateTime=2017-11-05 07:59:18 sessionOpenTime=2017-11-05 08:00 dateTimeTrimmed=2017-11-05 07:59 diffSeconds=-60 m_seriesSpec=1;America/Chicago;["2:00-2:00", "2:00-2:00", "2:00-2:00", "2:00-2:00", "2:00-2:00", "2:00-2:00", "2:00-2:00"];Default;{"volumeDeltaBuildMode": 0,"volumeDeltaMinPriceStep": 0.01}

    This is a serious problem because if any of the affected symbols is loaded it crashes the entire application. I even have pages that cannot be opened at all because the whole app crashes now.

    I run my charts with 24h sessions rather than automatic sessions (i.e. "Custom" rather than "Auto" in the time template) and I'm not sure if this has something to do with it but I'd figure many people would be seeing this type of thing over the last day or so. Everything about this smells daylight savings time related.

    Update: it seems like some of this is resolving itself (which further seems DST related), but I wanted to bring this up as a problem because this entire Saturday (11/4/2017) it was difficult to use the eSignal client without crashes happening.

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    Hello i1960,
    Thank you for the post. So That we can further investigate and review the crash reports, can you send me your eSignal username. For security purposes It can be sent to Once I receive it we can then have our developers further investigate what the issue might be.

    eSignal Technical Support
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