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Pages and layouts not being saved correctly

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  • Pages and layouts not being saved correctly

    When I save the page that I am working on (or a layout for that matter) 9 times out of 10 when I go to reload the page/layout nothing happens.

    esignal tells me that the page has loaded (I can see the page name in the title bar). Also if I have set up any alerts and they have triggered, the alert window appears..but no other windows (charts, news, quotes etc)...

    I started off by using pages and this proved problematic as I lost everything each time I shut esignal down. I then moved to using layouts and am forced to re-build my layout by manually loading each file back into the original layout file.

    Things I have tried:

    1) Completely wiping esignal and re-installing
    2) Upgrading to 10.6
    3) Saving the layout and page files to different folders from the defaults
    4) Tearing my hair out
    5) Using another machine (also Win7)

    My esignal setup:

    I have setup esignal so that the data manager closes with esignal.

    I'm running on Win7 X86. I am using esignal 10.6 and the latest IB bridge (although the same behaviour was noted with 10.5). I have setup esignal as per the knowledge base - with admin rights and XP SP3 compatibility settings ticked.

    If anyone can point me in the right direction here I would really appreciate because as you can's very annoying!


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    Did you check to see if you have your Page/Layout Locked?

    You can check by click on the Page menu and checking to see if you have a check mark next to Lock Page.


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      Hi Avery, I just checked and it's not ticked. Should the page be locked to work properly? I thought that was just to protect settings etc from prying hands?



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        No the page should work regardless of it being locked or not. What the Lock Page does it prevent changes from being saved when eSignal or the page closes.

        The page itself will function normally letting you change symbols, and add windows and things like that. But when you close eSignal or switch pages any changes that were made would be discarded. Much like what you were describing is happening to you.

        If I could see what's happening maybe a screenshot of the window when first opened might help. Also if you click on Window from the main menu at the window does it list any open windows at the bottom?
        Last though might be that the windows are minimized?



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          Hi Avery,

          Ok, thanks for the clarification on the page lock function.

          The window looks like when you open up esignal but have no other windows open. ie the parent window is there with all the grey esignal background logos and with no other windows there (except the alert window if an alert has happened to trigger between me closing and opening esignal).

          The first place I looked was the window menu as I thought they may have opened off screen (as sometimes happens when I transport files between PCs) but windows listed as being open!

          I can send you a pic if you want...but it just looks like a the parent window maximised.



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            I'm sure that you know the differnece between Layout and Pages but wanted to just ask to make sure sure. You said you were using a layout, when you transfered the layout from PC to PC did you move all the associated windows(Charts, Quotes etc) with it?

            Layout Troubleshooting Tip - avoid the dreaded Blank window or Empty layout
            When using Layout mode, all windows and layout files must be stored in the same directory. If not, it could result in opening up a blank window or blank layout. Just be sure to keep saving all your quote windows, chart files, portfolios, layout files, etc. in the same main eSignal sub-directory.


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              Heh heh, thanks Avery. Yep, I tried pages and just transferred the one page file. This didn't work so I tried layouts but remembered to transfer all the files along with the layout file.

              Thanks very much for your tip on the same directory. I currently have the layout files in their own directories (eg charts, chart templates, quote windows etc) because it makes them easier to find...there are getting to be quite a few now.

              I will copy them all into the esignal sub-dir and report what happens.

              Cheers for now,