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  • Level 2 & Totalview Pricing

    Hi, can someone help to clarify the pricing & content of the Level 2 and TotalView products. Nasdaq web sheets and an Esignal document in the Exchange ("The Nasdaq reprices TotalView to benefit non-professionals"), lead me to believe that the prices are quoted as $9 for L2 and another $5 ($14) for TotalView. Am I right in saying that you only need 1 or the other, not both? So if you feel you need TotalView you pay $14 per month and get all the data in L2 anyway? I'm presuming you wouldn't pay for both?
    I understand not all the ECN's are in TotalView so would the Level 2 screen cover those instead?
    Thanks in advance

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    Thanks for the post. You are correct, you won't need both the Level II and Total View products. As you mentioned, the Total View product is an additional $5. Total View contains all the information that Level II does, plus some additional MM information. Level II does not include any ECN information that is not already available in Total View. ECN's can be added to the account for no additional cost. Hope this helps.


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      Hi Duane, thanks for your reply. I saw on Nasdaq's site that TotalView is being offered as a 30day trial facility for market data providers (see )
      Is there some facility for clients of Esignal to trial the TotalView software??


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        Hi Jhooper,

        This promotion is available with eSignal. We are currently offering TotalView free for 30 days and then $5 per month thereafter. In order to recieve Total View, you must first be subscribed to NASDAQ Level II. To take advantage of this promotion, simply add TotalView to your account and the promotion will be automatically applied. Thanks.