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time and sales window is SLOOOOWWWWW in updating

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  • time and sales window is SLOOOOWWWWW in updating

    time and sales window is SLOOOOWWWWW in updating

    when one enters a new chart

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    Running IE 8.7600.16385
    Using JRE version 1.6.0_24-b07

    Connected to: Server Name =
    MQ3-B-07 (network)
    MQ3-B-09 (on DSL)

    I'm seeing T&S pull up historical data and update with new data in no more than 2 seconds both on our network and via a DSL connection from 2 different PCs.

    Tried with linked T&S Windows that were imbeded in the main window and also popped out at each location.

    Using equity and future symbols like AAPL, YHOO, MSFT, BAC, GS, IBM, WMT, NFLX, COST, ES #F, NQ #F

    I realize you normally work on a Mac, which I don't have access to.

    Are you getting the same results via a PC?
    If so perhaps some details to replicate the problem...
    browser/java version?
    which LC server are you connected to?
    which symbols are you trying?
    maybe details on your workspace setup if that is a contributor to the problem


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      try EGY

      takes forever for TnS to update


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        That came up right away for me.


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          not here it doesnt


          i've reconnected a couple times no difference

          it started doing it yesterday half way thorughh the day

          no netwrok problems here either


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            and java is java

            theoretically shouildnt have anything to do with a Mac vs PC

            anyway it was workign fine prior to yesterday afternoon


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              i also notice that

              i also notice that the clock in the upper right corner isnt working

              does that run off a tick you guys send out or off the local computer's clock ?


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                I tested each of the Firewall/Proxy Configurations within LiveCharts preferences (e.g., ports 2812, 80, 443) and with each connection I get more specific server information than you posted.

                I see something like:

                Server Name = MQ3-B-10
                Server URL =


                Server Name = MQ3-B-05
                Server URL =


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                  this is direct from livecharts
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                    You can get the specific server information from the Java Console
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                      Server Name = MQ3-B-01
                      Server URL =

                      if this is the actual server then why don't they have it displayed as the server in the livecharts server info window ?


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                        I was able to get the historical T&S data to load instantly and waited a couple of seconds for a new update for EGY.

                        I compared LC 3.0 to eSignal 10.6 and LC 3.0 updated a split second after eSignal updated.

                        For me the wait with EGY was just the time between updates since it's currently not as active as other symbols like AAPL, WMT or ES #F, which all updated in T&S in less than 2 seconds for me running LC 3.0 on Server Name = MQ3-B-01.


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                          slowwww again

                          Server Name = MQ3-H-05
                          Server URL =

                          what do you see ?

                          takes a long time for time n sales to fill in