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    Hi Todd:

    Is there an issue with the Hot List / US Stock section..

    The $COMPQ is not quoting until sometime after 45 to 50 minutes after the market as open..

    This has been on going for the last 4 -5 days now.. worst this am..


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    I'm not aware of an issue but I'll request to have someone monitor that tomorrow morning.


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      thank you..


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        Just an observation.. that could be looked into..

        In the Detailed Quote section.. when you use "show short field names" is selected.. the Time field is activitated in small cap.. all the other fields selected are shown in cap..

        Just my two cents worth..



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          hot lists arent auto updating

          anyone else ?

          logg off and in a few times no help


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            the Hot List quotes.. have not been working well lately..

            very unreliable.. work ok for a few minutes.. then.. no refreshing for a few minutes.. then.. back to ok..

            been ongoing for at least 5 days now..


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              i keep expecting their quality control folks or some internal monitoring of data quality to catch this and/or correct it but to no avail

              annoyiing !


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                I have been using LiveCharts for 9 years now.. up until eSignal got its hand in it..

                that web browser software was nice to use.. every day it worked.. just same as the day before.. no issues..

                as a user.. and an observer.. of their so called improvement..

                I would have to state.. that the people running eSignal.. have lost their direction with LiveCharts..

                It would seem.. that they want to make LiveCharts.. to look and work.. something like their regular charting software..

                That.. they should not do.. they should stay with the basic web brower software.. just the basic info required for providing a recorded market action.. no more.. no less.. as it was under

                But who am I to be listen to..


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                  looks like Todd is MIA today


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                    guppy.. put yourself in this man shoes.. would you want to stick your neck out on this..

                    always.. remembering that.. comes friday night.. I want to take home some bread..

                    furthermore.. he has no power on anything that goes on at eSignal.. just following instructions passed on down from Big Chuck..

                    so I would propably do the same.. stay away from sticking my neck out.. on something that eSignal is all ready aware of.. but are.. some what.. not interested in repairing..

                    why.. it would cost more money.. and we just raised the price to the subscribers.. can not raise it right away.. have to give us some time.. before that can be done..

                    so.. as far repairing the issue.. who know who running the place..


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                      the issue of Hot List COMPQ quoted

                      is this issue a technical one.. or.. are the quotes delayed by eSignal..

                      my file indicates that.. at 9.45.30 eastern.. the quotes start to be functioning..

                      which one is it.. if technical.. would it be possible to fix it.. sooooon


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                        Hello Tradermars,

                        The reason why the $COMPQ symbol doesn't start updating for you until 9:45:30 in the Hot List window is because you are not subscribed to R/T data for Nasdaq. The exchange delay for Nasdaq is 15 minutes.

                        Regarding the little t for Time. The capital T abbreviation is already being used by the Tick field.

                        We are unable to duplicate the issue with the Hot List window stopping and starting. We will continue monitoring it.
                        Thank You,
                        eSignal Support


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                          well.. it's a start..

                          you state that "the Hot List window is because you are not subscribed to R/T data for Nasdaq. The exchange delay for Nasdaq is 15 minutes."

                          so.. if that is true.. why were the quotes for compq.. starting at 9.30 until just about 9 days ago.. and before that.. as long as I have used LC.. and that's over 9 yrs..

                          your statement just doesn't add up..