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Main livecharts window hangs on me after login

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  • Main livecharts window hangs on me after login

    Dear livecharts team,

    I have been experiencing the livecharts main window hanging on me right after I log in for the past 2 days. The only things I can still use are the charts I already cloned as seperate pop ups. But I can't even save my settings on these charts Other than that, I cannot even click on anything in the main window because it hangs. See attachment for a screenshot of my hanged livechart browser.

    I am very sure this is a livecharts problem. Why? I have tried..
    - reinstalling java
    - java works fine for my other charting software (non esignal)
    - reinstalling ie 7.0 for win xp
    - trying it on google chrome & mozilla firefox
    - trying it on a different computer which also hangs!!

    Please look into this immediately and provide a solution. It is very frustrating paying a huge amt of money monthly for a supposedly reliable data that does not work when you need to trade.
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    screenshot of hanged livecharts window
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      Hello Econbizer,

      We checked your account and from the java console we found some java errors related to your workspace and reported them to engineering. We'll post an update when we hear back from them.
      Thank You,
      eSignal Support


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        Hello Econbizer

        Engineering found some characters in your annotations that were causing the problem. They removed them from your annotations and a fix will be release in the next update. The characters that were causing the problem were the "," and ")".
        Thank You,
        eSignal Support


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          Dear Luis,

          Thank you for your prompt reply and the quick fix by the engineering team.