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    With respect to deleting symbols in the drop down menu.

    That was a feature that wasn't available in LC 3.0. It was added in LC 3.1.

    I understand that it's not working the way that you desire at the moment but could you clarify how rolling back to the previous build enhances the deletion of symbols in the drop down menu?


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      "could you clarify how rolling back to the previous build enhances the deletion of symbols in the drop down menu"

      I did ask for the use of the previous version.. not because I favor the omittion of the deletion of symbol fuction.. I just don't like being given something that doesn't right without options.. while some tech software person trys to figure out what happening with the software.. the tech people in my book don't have any idea what traders use or do with charts..

      I use multiple charts setup.. all to record the action activity.. all for indices action.. each with their own setup.. the new version has stop me from do that...

      It's fine to lock the charts.. but when one change is made one setup.. it still affects the Detail Quote and Time&Sale section.. which is very distracking..

      The previous version was more stable in that fuction for my useage...


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        You could break the linking on the "Quotes & Hot List Window" as well if you wanted a T&S or Detailed Quote to remain on a given symbol. Top right hand corner of that window also has a chain icon.


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          Thanks on the unlink chain for the HotList etc..

          Anyways.. I shot down.. and re-logged in.. half the setting lost..
          even with the save yes at shot down..

          Go figure it out.. I am spending way to much time trying to figure how to make it work the way it was before the new version..

          Anyways.. who cares.. that how eSignal works..
          give its customers no options..
          our way.. or the highway..


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            did you get 3.0 access ?


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              No.. I have been left out to dry.. and witter away..

              You posted asking if you and I were the only one having issue with the new version.. and I deleted it from my email.. only to find out that the post was not posted in the forum..

              I wanted to answer the post..

              eSignal has become breaucratic in its behavior.. all businesses today function the same as the government does.. cutstomer service is nothing more than lip service.. sounds good.. until you experience customer service..



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                i cant even get him to say he'll run the problem i describe past the coders, it could be something simple in the way they push out the screen updates through java and it would again be compatible with java 1.5

                he didnt even answer as to what minimum version of java their code is compatible with, it should be 1.5 if one believes their html so there should be no problems

                try x-java-applet rather than x-java-applet;jpi-version1.5

                just try being more customer oriented Toddli it can't hurt

                are your coders inhouse or ???????


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                  Don't jump on Todd's back to hard.. he's just doing what he is told to do.. poor fellow needs some funds at the end of the week..

                  Businesses have learned to behavior like all levels of government.. no one know what to do.. and the sad part.. is that they are trained to behavior or respond that way..

                  So once you understand the behavior.. you can push the issue up the line.. somewhere in the breaucratic line.. someone will give in.. just to get you out of their hair..

                  And all businesses are behaving that way now.. it's sad.. but that's the reality of being a customer.. no service..

                  I've had a run in the same behavior with my cable company.. modem when down.. it was going to take 8 days for repair... when up the ladder.. to the president.. who had no cull what his company service plan was.. anyway.. with my actions.. 3 days later.. modem changed..

                  eSignal works the same way.. sad.. but is what it is.. no service.. no options..


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                    I think it's unlikely to see LC rolled back to 3.0 as some necessary updates were tied to the release.

                    I submitted to QA the window linking bug (i.e., how changing the symbol in an unlinked window, changes the symbol in linked windows) bug as well as a request to make the recent symbol list drop downs work independently from each other as far as what symbols show up. Possibly tied to a dependence that a symbol needs to be displayed in a given window to show that symbol in it's recent symbol drop down, as a suggestion to Project Management.
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                      I am NOT asking for a rollback to the previous... only access to the previous version.. until eSignal figures out how to repair the screw up they did..

                      Any update show be tested with the uses first... at the very least.. an option to try the new version.. NOT dumping it on the users... that if eSignal cares about the customer... which for now.. looks like it isn't interested..

                      I just want the previous version until it works.. there are to many thing not working properly on this version..

                      Sad state of affair at eSignal... this is not a young company.. should known better..


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                        LiveCharts is a server-based application, not a desktop one, so the server would need to be rolled back to 3.0 for you to get access to the previous version. That would cause some complications w/in our farm (to have both 3.0 and 3.1 both running in production) so unfortunately, we can't do that.

                        3.1 was tested quite a bit but this drop down menu issue was not detected. Our engineers are aware of the problem and hopefully it won't be too long before a fix can be made available.

                        Scott Johnson
                        eSignal Support
                        Helpful support sites:
                        eSignal KnowledgeBase, Account Maintenance


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                          "3.1 was tested quite a bit "

                          Maybe.. I wasn't one.. or there for the testing.. so who know.. sounds good as a response...

                          What I am pissed off about.. is eSignal.. in its wisdom.. make change without giving the use option before they roll out changes..

                          Then.. we the use.. have to wait until someone is smart enough to figure out what happen... and we the use have to put up with it... along as trying to figure out what the market is up to..

                          Don't need a software than doesn't properly.. to play with my head.. while the market does it thing..

                          Options.. Options.. is all that is needed to be considered.. before rolling out changes..

                          Don't make it a secret.. ask the user to test.. I will gladly help in that department... but don't give me something that work worst than the previous version... please don't do that to me or someone else as is being done right now..


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                            we were given the op to play around with the new version they were developing on the last go around and still have the oldre version as a working backup

                            typically valued customers are given a beta version sneak peek for testing etc before it's put into production and released as the next rev

                            i guess nobody's even taking a cursory look into the page drawing issue i'm encountering on my Mac ? just herd everyone toward PCs even though java is supposed to be machine independent


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                              I'm in agreement with you on the option guppy..

                              Scott statement does not make any sense.. other than.. to past the buck.. and make us thing we are all dummies.. with no understanding or abilities..

                              eSignal is not a new company.. but many of the people working on the LiveChart part.. in my book are new.. so they are training and learning as they go along.. at the users expense..

                              Sad state.. but all company operate that way now a day.. they have learned it from the governments..