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  • Qlink data issues

    I am using 2500 symbol subscription for QLink from last 2 months or more and facing few of the issues below.

    I reported these in live chat sessions multiple time, but getting no response on any of these. Can anybody here help me on these?

    1. Realtime Data is loading very very slow in Excel sheet for 1500 symbols I am trying
    2. Column E 'Company' (see attached excel) is showing some irrelevant terms like 'Depo STT', 'INR 10','INR 2','INR 5' etc.
    for multiple stocks. Please see attachments 'Depo.txt' and 'INR.txt' for list of all symbols affected with this issue.
    3. When I try to load historical data for these all stocks for last 10 years, the data is not populating beyond column IV of spreadsheet.

    Say for example, I query 10 years historical data for 100 stocks, in 'Vertical Column' , the data is NOT populating beyond column IV of excel. This is causing me to load historical data manually for few stocks each time and repeat this process until I cover all 1500 symbols.

    Can somebody please help me on these issues? Really appreciate it.
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