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  • Where is the documentation

    I have just signed up for a trial and added it to my esignal account. It has been a trial and error process so far.

    Where is a pdf that details the menus ans feature of this product? Can I link the 2 portfolios to a portfolio in eginal or do I have to type in each symbol.

    Lots of questions.. and no documentation.. This is not a new product

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    You can find all our documantation in our Knowledge base at the following link: Once you get to our knowledge base, in the search box, type in Quotrek.


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      I still think a pdf showing how to set it up with links to the desktop application and those set up files would be a good idea.
      However I am all set.. almost.

      The link to the broker feature does not work. It goes to a web site with an unavailable message or something like like.


      Nice product


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        You could always enter your broker URL instead

        On the BlackBerry go to Setup and uncheck the Automatic Trade Link then click OK. Now you'll be able to enter your brokers URL when you click on the Trade button.

        Here are a few of the brokers URLs

        TDAmeritrade -
        Charles Schwab -
        E-Trade -
        FBR Direct -
        Fidelity -
        Scottrade -

        I hope this helps...