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Guidelines for Posting Product Announcements

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  • Guidelines for Posting Product Announcements

    The eSignal Central Bulletin Board is a highly visible, public community made up of eSignal clients, prospects, partners and employees. Many of the discussions that are posted in the forums that make up the Bulletin Board are centered around trading, our products/services, and programming with eSignal Formula Script (EFS) and the Desktop API. It is also a place where business partners of eSignal can come to answer questions about their services and publish information about their offerings.

    This post is designed to establish a series of guidelines for eSignal partners and 3rd party companies or individuals wishing to announce their offerings of products, studies, packages, and others related material to the community at eSignal Central.

    1) Announcement-style posts are limited to official eSignal software or development partners only. If you or your company would like to become an official partner of eSignal, please contact our business development department at our division headquarters. Contact Info

    2) As with any public community, there is the concern of unsolicited advertisement being posted to the eSignal Central Bulletin Board, also known as “spam”. Many times a partner will want to post on the eSignal Central Bulletin Boards in order to generate interest in a new product offering or event. These two items in conjunction can lead to confusion for the administrators and moderators of the forums as they may not know if an “ad-style” post is from an eSignal approved partner or not.

    In order to prevent this confusion, an eSignal Partner should first contact their eSignal business contact to request a forum title be added to their eSignal Bulletin Board Username. Once the partner has been approved for a forum title and it has been added to their eSignal Bulletin Board Username, then the partner can send their announcement to their business contact for approval.

    Once the message has been approved, then the announcement can be made in this forum only. If an eSignal Partner has a forum created specifically for their product, then that forum should be utilized; if not, then the main “3rd Party Studies / Developers / Applications” forum should be used.

    If you have any questions about this process, please contact the forum administrators.
    Jay F.
    Product Manager
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