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Need help decrypting some code

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  • Need help decrypting some code

    I have a EFS file for some unique linear regression channel lines that were programmed into esignal sometime before 2006. I ws told no other charting software had these exact lines at the time. The version I was using was There were 8 lines, but I think the mid point was the same for each set of lines. I would like to see if its possible to get these lines programmed into metastock 11 or quotetracker software or to at least extract the code so that I can try to program them myself because I do not have esignal. I remember when I tried to go in an editor in the EFS file I was not able to find the code. I attached a picture of the lines. I have the settings used for each line but when I go into quotetracker and try to use the same settings the lines look nothing like they did in esignal so that is why i think it is custom coded.
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    you can try this
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