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Setting up a connection between eSignal and NinjaTrader

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  • Setting up a connection between eSignal and NinjaTrader

    Prior to setting up an eSignal account connection you must have installed NinjaTrader. If you do not have NinjaTrader installed please visit to download your free copy.

    1. Start NinjaTrader
    2. From within the Control Center window, select Tools-->Account Connections...
    3. In the Connection Manager window, press Add...
    4. Follow the instructions provided in the Connection Wizard
    5. As per the image below (attached), enter in the information provided by eSignal
    6. eSignal providers servers for different subscribed services, if you are not subscribed to a particular service remove the default server address from the appropriate field
    7. Leave "Enable Tracing" disabled unless instructed otherwise

    Once the connection is created, you can connect to eSignal via the File-->Connect menu of the NinjaTrader Control Center window.
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    Raymond Deux
    NinjaTrader, LLC
    ** Free Simulation Edition Available for eSignal **