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ts2000i and windows 7

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  • ts2000i and windows 7

    Installed ts2000i and esignal 5.01 release 1 from the original CD. Everything works perfect.
    But i want to use the plugin 4081 so that i do not need to let my pc run 24h a day. To install this plug in i need to install a more recent version of esignal. I tried to instal 7.7 but after installing nothing works anymore and TS2000i cannot find any data anymore.

    I did the same upgrade on a pc with Xp and everything works perfect.


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    Just go ythrough that problem also
    I found the solution after many hours of trying.
    the solution is this :

    A/ Deactivate the UAC
    B/ Do everything in Administrator right or session
    C/ Put every antivirus off when intsalling and on when connecting to internet

    Install TS from the original CD
    Then Intsal real time data vendor esignal Dbc on line v 5.01 from the Ts original cd

    The default installation file is programfiles\dbc\esignal

    Run the intysallation wizard for your Esignal subscriptiuon

    Check that esignal and datamager are connected and working fine
    Run globalserver onlibe and check that it can connect to the Esignal datamanager until it shows connected under dbc online in the performance tab and you can connect your symbols in the symbol portfolio

    exit globalserver and esignal

    Install new version of esignal ( 7 or more I have 10 installed and working real time with globalserver) (under win7 x32)
    That new version of esignal need to be intsalled on the same forlder as the old one ( program files\Dbc\eSignal. if necessary change the default folder to match the one from the old one.
    Some old files will be replace by the new version specially winros.exe and winsig.exe


    Reconnect internety
    Run globalserver online
    Datamanager connect to green
    and globaserver will connect to datamanger

    Now you can receive data in real time in gglobalserver from Esignal

    But what i didi found yet is to have the essignal plugin for Ts2000i working in order to download historical data ....

    Anybody using it under win 7 with success