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-EEI real time trouble ( NYSE Liffe Equity and Index derivatives / NYSE Euronext )

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  • -EEI real time trouble ( NYSE Liffe Equity and Index derivatives / NYSE Euronext )


    Since today I can’t have real time with Tradestation about all symbol with exchange abb. –EEI .
    FCE J2-EEI ( Paris) is fine with eSignal. I'm use to downloading data with plugin ( Globalserver ) .but today in opening Tradestation I have data but the real time feed is not active. My last minute bar is the downloaded data.

    I make different tests all the morning and the trouble looks like from the nature of the data feed.

    For example : Future is ok with NQ M2.
    Indice is ok with $PX1-EEB.
    If I create FCE J2-EEI in an other Globalserver/Exchange like Eurex the trouble is here too.

    I test with Z M2-EEI (london) ou AEX J2-EEI (Amsterdam) the trouble is the same.
    I test the next echeance (May) with FCE K2-EEI and trouble too.

    Everything is ok with eSignal.
    It’s very amazing because in Tradestation , I can follow in real time « bid », « ask », and « trade volume » with QuoteMonitor( Tradestation) but TradeStation Chart is stopped on last data downloaded with the plugin/Globalserver.

    I looked in Globalserver/edit data, only data downloaded are stored.

    I test a back-up eSignal et Omega research from few days ago and trouble is the same.

    I test copy « dbcapi.dll » in system32…. Without any success…

    Do you have a suggestion ?

    Thanks in advance.

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    eSignal Advanced GET Edition
    10.6.2224.946 (2/2/2011)


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      Today everything is come back right.