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  • Add some life to your TS2000i System

    Several months back I received an e-mail from someone whose TS2000i system had crashed and a little investigation showed that the Global Server had tried to exceed the maximum limit of 4 GB on one of the GS files. The only option at that time was to delete some of the data on that file which he did.

    In the days that followed I wondered if it would be possible to re-distribute symbol data to other GS files and what we now have come up with will add a few more years of life to TS2000i. Not only can we now re-distribute symbol data to other GS files but we can increase the number of GS files to any number between 10 and 95 which almost completely eliminates the GS data storage issue. Also, another big TS2000i problem has been made much better and that is the time it takes to re-index the GS after a crash. As can be seen from the image below, re-index speed is very fast for small GS files and very slow for large GS files. Using 95 GS files makes a lot of small files which makes a drastic improvement in GS re-index time.

    Click image for larger version

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    The fellow I have been working with ran the new symbol re-distributed 95 GS file system for a full week and said this:

    "The first full week with the 95 file structure. All went well. I had another catastrophic computer crash and when I reloaded, it took 11 minutes for it to re index. (It turns out that one of the air conditioning units in our Florida home had stopped working. When my son went to try to restart the now frozen computer, he discovered that it was about 100 degrees in the room where my computer "farm" is located, and they were overheating. Now, the ac is fixed!)

    The program loads fast and is lightening quick. Even in a "fast market" I have no lag on the bar's printing, a notable problem with the ES and NQ in Trade Station 9.1, the latest version. I trade an account through TS 9 platform, so I have it running all the time. But, I look to TS 2000i for up to date data, since it does not "hang" as TS 9 does.

    Again, thanks for your work. Please let me know if I can provide any follow up info to you to assist you in getting this awesome work out there to the TS 2000i user community."

    Did you notice he said 11 minutes to re-index? Not bad when several hours was normal in the past.

    Anyhow, I am now providing two free utilities (Ts2Ki Unfrag) which was previously licensed on a per PC basis and a new utility (Ts2Ki Profile & Edit) which shows all data in the GS and not just the data which the Ts2ki Symbol List has symbols for. Another utility re-configures the GS data set and must be run on a user by user basis from "thumbnail" GS structure data provided by the Ts2ki Profile & Edit utility. Since re-configuring the GS must be done on a user by user basis I will need to charge a nominal fee which I will base upon the amount of interest there is in this new ability.

    The Ts2Ki Unfrag utility may be downloaded from the following link:

    The Ts2Ki Profile & Edit utility may be downloaded from the following link:

    Note that these utilities were designed to be run on XP or slightly earlier operating systems so if you are running Windows 7 with the Global Server running on a Virtual PC running Windows XP then these utilities must be installed on the same Virtual PC drive.

    If you need any more information, please contact:

    Best regards,

    ~Bob Scott
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    My contribution:

    If anyone is having trouble with downloading data into Global Server with the esignal plugin for TS Prosuite 2000i, I have uncovered a work-around. Before I found this, I spent 45 minutes or more a day booting & rebooting my computer hoping that "this time" it wouldn't hang and freeze. So frustrating.

    So here's the work around. On the screen where you select your options of what time intervals you want to download, UNSELECT the option to show
    the download progress. The display of the progress window is what causes the crash. Just give it a few moments to do the download, then open Tradestation normally. I haven't had a problem since.

    Regarding the program above, are you saying that your programs will eliminate the data lag on the S&P Emini's during busy times?

    The only thing I download is the S&P E-mini. I definitely run into lags during busy times. I am nervous about using your files, because I don't want my data to be messed up, and I'm not clear if your programs are really for people who are running a lot of symbols.

    Please let me know. Thanks, in advance.

    - Bill


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      Downloading and running the "Profile & Editor" program will only read your Global Server data so do not worry. This will show exactly what data is contained in your Global Server.

      Downloading and running the "Unfrag" program only changes data when the "Write Unfragmented Files" is checked and you can check the "Local Data Backup" here or if you don't trust that just make a copy of your whole TS 2000i Server folder.

      Then please contact me at

      Best regards,

      Bob Scott

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        Yes, the "Profile & Edit" and "Equalizer" programs are only applicable to multiple symbols but the "Ts2ki Unfrag" program is applicable to any number of symbols and the more data you have the more effective it will be in speeding chart loading. This program has been in use by many for about 4 years so I don't think you need to worry about losing your data. However, remember that there is no substitute for data backup.

        Best regards,

        ~Bob Scott