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Esignal 10.6 integrated with Interactive Brokers TWS will not trade from chart.

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  • Esignal 10.6 integrated with Interactive Brokers TWS will not trade from chart.

    Esignal 10.6 with interactive Brokers Plugin 1.2.2127 will not trade through esignal charts to Interactive Brokers TWS build 948.2a. I have unistalled 10.6 and reinstalled 10.6 software today, along with reinstalling plugin broker socket, and removing java 7 before installing a newer version of Java 7. I upgraded IB's TWS from Nov. Build to current TWS build 948.2a today. With TWS open I log into Esignal 10.6 and in the past I used to get a pop up that I had to accept to connect API, and that has not been happening for a week or two. Here is some kind of clue to most other than me, when I go to TRADE / Interactive Brokers (Default) / (connect is grayed out) DISCONNECT my computer locks up, and the only way to close it down is by the Task Manager. I went over a bunch of stuff with two of Technical Represenatives today but we could not figure out what was going wrong.
    Some other things tried, updated Esignal version 12, open Broker Manager watched messages at bottom of page, and got this one error message after a bunch of log outs with tws, "2014-12-15 17:42:35 Error processing request:-'me' : cause - java.util.Vector cannot be cast to jxmlable.ListOfXmlables ". Nothing I Have done has helped, Bottom of Esig page, during all these updates IB:with yellow box when hovered over says: Default Broker. when in Esignal 12 - in drop down TRADE/BROKER MANAGER the lighting bolt next to IB has always been yellow when connected icon is activated.
    I have spent way to much time on this, PLEASE advise, notice PLEASE in all caps. Probably something simple but, i have not a clue, what to do next, although I did see something about dll's and lost that link. Thanks for reading all this.
    Pete Z

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    Hi Pete Z,

    The issue your experiencing with the IB plug-in is something we see about every 2 or 3 version upgraded the IB does. We're not sure of the issue or how they go about repairing it. But for you, you'll need to downgrade the version of TWS back to what you were using prior (v944). The only area I know to get this is on the NinjaTrader site as it's the only version that compatible with their software. Please uninstall the version you have and download the version on this site.

    Please let me know if you run into any other issues.


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      Thank you for your help. I did what you suggested and it works. Thanxs.


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        Would anyone kindly direct me to where I can download a new Ib bridge to use with either V12 or V10.6. Mine Ib bridge Version is: 1783 and now it does not work anymore. Thanks a ton!

        Oh I found it and here is the link:
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