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TradeKing aquiring MB Trading......

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  • TradeKing aquiring MB Trading......

    I have a couple of questions/concerns;

    1) I was wondering if there are any changes in the future in regards to the switchover with concerns of integration with TradeKing? I use MB Trading as my broker and according to an email sent to me and with me talking directly to a TradeKing rep, they are telling me that TradeKing will continue to use and build upon MB Trading's software suite- MBT Desktop Pro. That's a good thing.

    2) When I first started using eSignal's charting software, version 10.1 (I think), and MB Trading as my broker, I was able to use MB Tradings MBT Desktop Pro (Navigator?) directly with eSignal's charting software. What I mean by this is- I would connect to/load up my MBT Desktop Pro software and in that sign-on window, I had the opportunity to load up eSignal's charting software also. When this would happen and both software programs loaded up, I could attach MB Trading's broker/order entry window directly below any chart of my choosing, in eSignal, and then if I changed symbols, either in eSignal's chart or MB Trading's order entry window, the symbol would change in BOTH software programs.
    This made making trades VERY easy using MB Trading's order entry.
    This option all changed when the broker plug-in was introduced in a later version of eSignal. Using MB tradings order entry window AND eSiganls charting software at the same time came to a crashing halt....
    We were forced to use the trading options built into eSignal's software even though I was still using the integration option.

    Also, using the latest version of eSignal, 12, 64 Bit, there is no way to use MB Tradings order entry window either.

    Because of this turn of events, there are many trading and order entry features that are included with the MBT Desktop software that are missing if I use the integration process.

    Is there ANY hope of getting the MBT Desktop Pro order entry window integrated into a later version of eSignal???

    I realize with the buy-out of MB Trading by TradeKing, you might not have any direct answers for me right now, but if you would take some positive feedback from me, one of your customers since 2004, it sure would be nice to get the MBT Desktop pro order entry window BACK into eSignal's charting software so me, and probably many other MB Trading software users, can use the MBT order entry window with all of its trading features, rather than having to use the limited trading features when integrated with eSignal.....

    As it is right now, I load up eSignal's software and MB Trading's software, seperately. It's unfortunate I have to do this but the features I get from the MBT Desktop Pro order entry window are much more trader friendly and I have more trading options. The downsized to doing it this way is every time I load up a stock symbol in eSignal, the stock symbol in the order entry window in the MBT Desktop Pro order entry window doesn't change. And vice-versa: if I change the stock symbol in the MBT Desktop pro order entry window, I need to change the symbol in eSignal's charts also.

    Do you have ANY idea how much nicer it would be, to be able to use MBT Desktop Pro's order entry window with eSignal's charts??!!??

    Don't make me get on my knees and beg (but I will if I have to !!!)
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