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  • Trading Computer RAM

    I am about to purchase a new Windows 7 (64Bit) Intel i7 4770K Computer, and am undecided as to whether having 16Gb of DDR3 1600MHz RAM would create any performance difference compared to 8Gb. eSignal System Requirements advises 6Gb for Power Users.

    I will be primarily running eSignal 10.6 (Build 2425), Interactive Brokers TWS, and ButtonTrader.

    eSignal displays around 100 advanced charts (candlestick charts / no studies), and 9 advanced charts displaying the ES or NQ (with around six studies on each chart). No studies are highly resource intensive.

    Any advice will be appreciated.


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    I would recommend 16gb of RAM as the Advanced Charts within the eSignal application can make use of it. The eSignal 10.6 program isn't the most resource efficient application and any extra memory that you can get on the system with that amount of charts would be helpful. At someone point I would also recommend updating to the latest version of eSignal 11 due to the program being much more resource efficient than the older versions. Thank you
    Thank you,
    Eric O.
    eSignal Support


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      Thanks Eric