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Thread: EFS Encryption Algorithm?

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    EFS Encryption Algorithm?

    I am looking for information about the built-in EFS encryption method. Unfortunately, I have found no hints about the algorithm used by eSignal in the documentation.

    Is it something safe and well known like AES or just "security through obscurity"?

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    In the past eSignal has been reticent to give details on the encryption it uses for EFS. I also was worried that it might be using a simple hashing or other obfuscation technique (or even some low bit count encryption algorithm).

    However, but looking at the things we can determine about the encrypted files, it seems clear it isn't a simple hash, but some sort of keyed encryption algorithm (it appears to use at least 128bit encryption) and that it does continuity checks to verify that the encryption hasn't messed with the original data.

    Knowing who added this stuff, I could make further guesses at the source of the code, but will restrain since it seems eSignals wishes to keep the details hidden.

    I hope this helps...

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    Thanks gspiker.

    However, it would also be nice to hear an "official" statement about this issue. Is there anyone from eSignal who could please elaborate on the EFS encryption?

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    Hello sculptor66,

    Garth is correct in that we would prefer not to disclose any specific details about our encryption methods as an additional measure of protection. If you plan to redistribute your formulas, the Enhanced encryption should be used as it is a stronger encryption method than Basic encryption.

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