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Thread: eSignal 11 causes cpu usage to bounce like a yo-yo

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    eSignal 11 causes cpu usage to bounce like a yo-yo

    Hi All,

    I must admit I'm not a gamer so my pc doesn't have a few gazillion megs of RAM but even with 4 I can usually manage quite a lot of apps, including eSignal 10 which runs very smoothly.

    Now when I run eSignal 11 - outside of market hours with basically zero data coming in, one chart, one indicator, one watch list with just 10 symbols and nothing else - I end up with a CPU graph that looks a lot like the seismograph during the Japan earthquake. You feel sick just by looking at it.

    Any idea what might be going on?

    Thanks a lot

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    Can you try the latest 11.2 release candidate and let us know if you see a performance improvement?

    Scott Johnson
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    .2 seems to be more kind on the CPU usage, smoother somehow. I didn't see as many spikes as the current release.

    However there's a problem with custom efs scripts on weekly time-frames (why weekly I don't know). They basically stop after a few bars, and refreshing doesn't help. All works fine on .1


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    Are there any of the EFS scripts you're seeing the weekly issue on that we can test on our side?

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