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Thread: Symbol For CME Currency Futures

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    Symbol For CME Currency Futures

    I subscribe to Fx data and I can get spot prices of currencies. But I tried without success to obtain CME currency futures prices. What are the services that I need to subscribe to and what's the symbol format for currency futures?

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    you would need the CME added to your account which is $78 a month. Or, if you have an account with one of our partner brokers ( you can intigrate eSignal with your broker and subscribe to the CME fee-waived globex feed. This will also give you the globex currencies at no charge. The symbol formatting for these is as follows:

    Globex Currencies

    June Contracts

    6A M2
    6L m2
    6B M2
    6C M2
    UD M2
    CZK M2
    6E M2
    RP M2
    RY M2
    RF M2
    HUF M2
    6J M2
    6M M2
    6N M2
    PLN M2
    6R M2
    6Z M2
    6S M2

    These can be found here

    Hope this helps
    Thank you,
    Eric O.
    eSignal Support

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