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Thread: buy/sell arrows

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    buy/sell arrows

    I noticed on the commercial for e-signal srrows indicating
    supposed buy and sell points. I was curious as to accessing this
    feature and whether people found it useful. Thanks

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    Hi Thomaso,

    The buy and sell arrows are part of the EFS (eSignal Formula Script) wizard within eSignal. These arrows can be associated with specific custom built studies that indicate buy and sell signals defined by the user. For more information regarding EFS please feel free to visit EFS Central. I've enclosed a screen shot of the dialog for up/down arrow specifications within the EFS Formula Wizard

    Please let me know if you have any further questions.

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    Duane, I've noticed the arrows are really hard to see. I remember reading in another thread how someone was able to widen the bars and the arrows would widen with them. Once he shrank the bar size the arrows would stay the same size. I wasn't able to duplicate this myself, but perhaps that workaround doesn't work on candle charts.

    In addition, I find they get obscured by the bars themselves many times, even when I position the yvalue on the low (buy) and high (sell) of the candles.

    Are there any workarounds for this?

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    A workaround is to use drawTextxxxx rather than drawShapexxxx and use Wingdings as the font.
    Here are two examples to draw a blue upwards arrow on the Low and a red downwards arrow on the High. The arrows will always be separated from the bar because they are centered respect to the vertical space of the font

    drawTextRelative(0,low(0),"\u00E9",,null ,Text.TOP|Text.CENTER|Text.BOLD,"Wingdings",10);
    drawTextRelative(0,high(0),"\u00EA",,null ,Text.BOTTOM|Text.CENTER|Text.BOLD,"Wingdings",10) ;

    Hope this helps

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    Excellent! Just popped those in. They look great. Hmmm... a little simple math combined with your wingdings suggestion and I might be able to get some happy or sad faces on there or maybe the ol' thumbs-up/thumbs-down; depending on the exit of course.

    Thanks Alex.

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