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  • Attention Delayed Subscibers

    In the past, we did not carry US equity bid/ask quotes on our delayed feeds with the exception of a few exchanges based primarily on bid/ask data (i.e. Forex, Cantor, GovPX, LME, etc).

    We're pleased to announce that we are in the process of adding US Equity bid/ask quotes (1 second conflation) to our delayed feed. This rollout will be done over the next few weeks. During this time, delayed subscribers may begin seeing the bid/ask quotes depending on whether the server they're connected to has already been upgraded. Once the migration is complete bid/ask quotes will be available for all securities with the exception of U.S. Equity Options. If you have any questions about this change, feel free to contact us.

    For Delayed Bundle and Service pricing click here.

    Thank you,
    Ray P.
    eSignal Support

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    The rollout for this is taking longer than expected. We are still working hard to get this data up and running for our clients. More information on this to follow as we get closer to fully rolling this out. Thank you for your continued patience.
    Thank you,
    Eric O.
    eSignal Support


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      This rollout has been put on hold until further notice with the exception of a handful of test servers.


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        Sorry for the delay in updating this thread.

        The rollout has been completed for all servers in our primary data centers (CA and MA). We will not be adding this additional data to our regional co-location facilities due to bandwidth utilization effectiveness reasons. We do have a routing entitlement that allows a user to get routed to only our primary data centers so if bid/ask data on delayed US equities is important to you, we can add the bit for you. Please consider the pros/cons associated with preset limited routing:

        The ability to view b/a data on delayed U.S. Equities (subscription required)

        Limited to connect to either Hayward, CA or Boxborough MA.
        Utilizing 5 regional co-location farms can lead to improve connection speeds and broader redundancy.

        Please contact Technical Support to discuss these pros/cons in more detail and/or to add the special routing to your account.

        Thank you.