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PLEASE READ: Posting Guidelines for Formula Wizard forum

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  • PLEASE READ: Posting Guidelines for Formula Wizard forum

    Posting Guidelines for Formula Wizard forum

    Purpose: The purpose of this forum is for eSignal users to request coding assistance and guidance for EFS Formula Wizard development. We would like to encourage all forum members to participate in assisting other members to help promote a positive and helpful community for EFS development.

    Before you post:

    1) Try a forum search.
    There's a very good chance that your question or problem has been discussed/answered previously. Enter some keywords related to your topic and limit your search to a specific forum or group of forums using the search options.

    2) Try an EFS KnowledgeBase search.
    If you are looking for information about a specific EFS function or general help documentation, you may find what you need here.

    3) Use short/descriptive titles for your post or thread.
    Posting titles such as "I need help" or "newbie question" may not generate as much interest in your message from the community as apposed to a more specific title such as, "Need help with drawLineRelative."

    4) Describe the problem.
    Help others help you by posting as many details and specifics about your problem and the context in which it is occurring. Doing so will help others better understand your specific question or problem.

    5) Post your code.
    Many questions/problems can only be answered by seeing and/or testing your code. Sometimes, just posting the section of code related to the problem is sufficient. However, it is highly recommended to post complete working examples. Use the [ php][/php ] or [ code][/code ] tags around your code to help make it more readable. You can also post complete formulas using the "Attach File:" feature when composing your message on-line.

    6) Limit the amount of code.
    If you have a significantly large formula or do not wish to post your complete formula publicly, try to create a simplified version of the formula that reproduces the problem. This process will often help you uncover the answer to your problem. It also helps others more quickly provide a solution if there is less code to digest.

    7) Post clean code.
    Format your code properly and comment it so it's easier for others to follow. Code that is properly aligned is easier to read and will help encourage others to provide assistance/solutions. Unless your question revolves around a specific syntax error message, post code that is free of syntax errors when posting a completed formula. Before posting the completed formula, check for syntax errors using the syntax checker in the EFS Editor.

    8) Post chart images.
    It is often very helpful to illustrate the problem you are describing by accompanying your message and code with a chart image. View the following link from our video training library to learn more about creating and posting images in the forums (eSignal Forums and File Share: How to Share Your Ideas). It is also helpful to include only the formula you are working with in the chart image. If you have 12 other formulas running in the same chart, it can be difficult to impossible for others to see the problem being described.

    9) Include Time Template/Symbol/Interval info.
    Some problems revolve around time template settings or specific symbols and/or intervals. To help others reproduce the problem you are having its important to perform tests under the same scenarios where you are experiencing the problem. If you are posting chart images with your message, including the chart description in the image will provide this information.

    10) Avoid addressing requests for assistance to a specific member or moderator.
    Doing so may limit the number of responses from other members who may be willing to provide suggestions/assistance.

    11) Private Messages.
    Please refrain from sending general EFS questions and requests for help to the moderators through a private message. The main benefit to posting questions and requests for help in the public forums is that the information becomes available to the search feature of the forums for other members. Sending private messages to other forum members with questions and requests for help will be left to the discretion of each individual member.

    12) Always use appropriate forum etiquette.
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