If you are looking for a specific study or are looking for a custom EFS, we can certainly help point you in the right direction. You have lots of options to consider.

Search for EFS
Use Key words and terms to search and see if your formula/study already exists.
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· EFS Library
· eSignal Bulletin Boards
· TS Support - EFS Library

Check out our Premium Partners
eSignal has teamed up with many well-known technical analysts/expert traders to bring you a collection of add-on services you can choose from for use in eSignal. Please check our Partners page for more information.

Edit existing EFS
If you find the study or something close to it, keep in mind that many of the formulas have parameters that you can set or you can use the EFS Editor to make changes (On eSignal Toolbar, click Tools, then Editor)

Ask other users
eSignal Central is a thriving community of active eSignal users and traders. There are hundreds of new posts every week and many of our users are happy to help other eSignal customers. Register and post your formula request in the New Study Suggestions forum to explain the study you’re suggesting and to give as much information as you can about it’s design and usage.

Do it yourself
If you have just a little programming background or have constructed technical indicators in the past, you should find working with EFS fairly straightforward. Here are the key resources for learning all about EFS and programming your own custom indicators.

· If you are new to programming, start with our JavaScript for EFS video series. The JavaScript language is the foundation for EFS. Learning the basics of this core language is essential to EFS development.

· To learn about our specific EFS extensions to the JavaScript core language, please visit our EFS Knowledgebase. Everything you ever needed to know about EFS can be found here, including study guides, reference glossaries and many code examples. A good place to start for beginners is our Beginner Tutorial Series.

· Use the eSignal Formula Wizard. The Formula Wizard is designed to allow the non-programmer and, those who do not want to learn EFS, the ability to create customized formulas that use eSignal’s built-in studies. You can find this tool in eSignal under the Tools menu. For instructions, please visit the EFS KnowledgeBase and review the Formula Wizard Guide.

· If you need a little help to get started or are just stuck somewhere, don’t forget about using the eSignal Central EFS Forums. In addition to other users, eSignal personnel monitor the boards and will help provide guidance wherever they can.

Get Professional help
eSignal has partnered with a small group of skilled programmers and traders that will work one-on-one with eSignal users. Whether it is to write a single formula or work with you to build an extensive series of indicators or Back Testing strategies, our EFS Development Partners are just the people to see. They will evaluate your request and provide you with a quote for their services before the work begins.