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The EFS Library – Discussion Board has been created to discuss the specific EFS formulas found in our EFS Library. All of the sub-forums are the same as the categories listed in the EFS Library. Each thread represents one of the EFS formulas from the EFS Library categories. These threads are closed to allow users to quickly browse through the available studies. To start a discussion regarding one of the formulas, please feel free to start a new thread in the parent forum, EFS Library - Discussion Board, rather than the sub forum (i.e. Keltner). If there is an existing thread that is related to your comments or questions, please post a reply to that thread. Any new threads started in one of the sub forums will be moved to the parent forum. Any new threads or posts that are simply requests for formula development or custom modifications to existing formulas should be posted in the New Study Suggestions forum. Your cooperation is appreciated.

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