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PLEASE READ: Posting Guidelines for New Study Suggestions

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  • PLEASE READ: Posting Guidelines for New Study Suggestions

    The New Study Suggestions forum is intended to be a place for users to post requests for existing formulas or get help from other users for developing a formula. If no other users are willing to share or help develop the formula and it’s imperative that you get a custom formula coded for your personal trading system, please consult with one of our EFS Development Partners.

    eSignal does not currently provide custom formula development services. Additional formula examples developed by eSignal can be found in our EFS Library in the EFS Knowledgebase.

    Below are some general guidelines to help you provide some helpful information for the formula development process when submitting a request to the community.

    New Study Suggestion Guidelines

    * Post specific instructions and any custom mathematical calculations required for the construction of the study.

    * Submitting code written in programming languages from other software programs without any other details may not be enough information by itself. Other users may not be familiar with the foreign formula code.

    * Other General Information
    1. - Study Title
    2. - Price Study or Non-price Study
    3. - Regular Study (Indicator) or Back Testing Study
    4. - Description of the study should include as many details as possible such as default inputs for any study parameters. A description of what is expected to appear visually on the chart or indicator pane. Include preferences for the types of lines, colors, shapes, images, alert methods etc. Provide specific details of any custom mathematical calculations or links to Internet resources with explanations of the calculations that may be uncommon. Provide examples of symbols and intervals intended to be used with the formula for debugging and testing purposes.
    Jason K.
    Project Manager
    eSignal - an Interactive Data company

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