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  • Bar date and time


    How you print the date,time of the bar when using the debugprintlin? It is going through loading and I want to see the values for the bar...


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    You ask a lot of questions, but never reply to answers. Did you ever think that maybe you should do a little digging on your own before you ask for help? The EFS Glossary can answer simple, basic questions for you, such as this request: getValue("time", 0) if you want to know how to do something, you should FIRST reference eSignal's EFS Glossary so as to see if you can find your answers there!


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      Ditto. It's never a requirement but typically when someone makes an effort to help someone in need in spite of how basic the question a simple thank you would be nice.
      Glen Demarco
      [email protected]


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        Type :getValue in the EFS Knowledge...nothing comes up for me! I would think putting it in the search would find things...I was wrong. The answer is I did do research.


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          You obviously aren’t too quick are you? So, let me take you by the hand and guide you step-by-step to the promise land where you can find the opportunity to find the knowledge that you seek, but like someone in the desert dying of thirst that you lead to the oasis, there’s no way that I can make you drink the water so as to quench your thirst…I can only lead you to where the information is at, from there it’s up to you to immerse yourself in it so as to quench your thirst for that knowledge!

          So here we go…first you click on the link that I sent to you in my prior reply. Then you scroll down to the letter ‘G’ and then continue down to near the bottom of that letter’s list where there’s a link to the getValue() function. Next you click on that link and look at its definition where you’ll see that the “barType” that you want is “time”.