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Question of Dashboard Type II Strategy

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  • Question of Dashboard Type II Strategy

    I have the Dashboard setup for a Type II Strategy. It's about 8:30 pm EST time Sunday Oct 14. 2007.

    The Dashboard for CAD@FXCM A0-FX is green for the 15 and 60 minute time intervals. The 60 Minute chart appears to be a valid Type 2 setup. But (see the attached ) the 15 minute chart looks to me like a Type I, (a very nice one actually, except for the positive OSC divergence.

    Is there something I'm not doing correctly using the dasdboad?

    When I tried right-click Refresh Data, all of the intervals for the symbol were greyed out.

    Also interested in knowing if more advanced AGET users look for multiple time interval confirmations before taking a trade?

    Alternatively, if a 5 minute Type 2 for example "evolves" into perhaps a 15 minute Type 2 setup would that warrant perhaps staying with the trade?

    Thank You,

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    Glen Demarco

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    Sorry but I can't quite seem to squeeze a large enough screen image to be visable in the last post into the 100k limit so here is a larger image of the "Type 2" setup, which looks more like a type 1?

    The only thing that may stop me from actually putting on this trade is the 60 TYPE 2 and the positive OSC divergence on this 15 minute trade, any input on these observations would be appreciated.

    BTW, what utility program is suggested for sizing screen images appropriately for forum posts.


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    Glen Demarco