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Where is Advanced GET manual?

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  • Where is Advanced GET manual?

    There is a newer Advanced GET manual. If you are interested in receiving this Advanced GET manual,
    contact Advanced GET support at the following for more details:

    AGET support email address-- [email protected]
    AGET support phone number-- 510 - 264 - 1700

    As well, there are other sources of free information--
    Click here to review the Advanced GET User Group.
    Click here to review Web-Ex AGET presentations.
    Click here for miscellaneous AGET related information.
    Click here to review AGET related chats.
    Click here if interested in learning how to search for AGET related information posted at eSignal BBS.

    -----Original Messages-----
    (Sample questions emailed to me the past month)--
    *"I'm from Brazil. Please, could you send me an Advanced GET, PDF Manual or Tutorial? Thanks a lot."
    *"I don't have the AGET manual, so you're better informed, obviously."
    *"BTW where can I get a copy of the AGET Manual ?" - Europe
    *"Is there a manual published for Advanced Get? If so could someone link it pls." -U.K.

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    It seems as if they sell the Manual for $25 . However, shipping costs outside the United States seem to outweigh the cost of the manual itself.
    Someone from the LiveRep dept. answered my question regarding a PDF option (just as the Esignal manual is available in PDF) , that "he believes it is in the works".
    Maybe you can work out your connections and find out for us if and when it will be available.

    Dana Berliner


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      I have an extra copy

      I actually offered to send it to you free .

      I'm still waiting for your answer about the area where you are .
      Fabrizio L. Jorio Fili


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        Latest version


        I have noticed that when references to the GET manual are given on the forum, they do not seem to match up with my pages. Can you tell me what is the latest version of the GET manual.

        My copy is dated 1998 Revision 059 and the last page in the index at the back is 11.6.

        Is this the same as yours ?


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          The newest Advanced GET manual came to print late fall of 2003. It is very attractive, in a soft-bound paper layout. This manual may contain different page references than previous editions. The content is basically the same, but illustration and textual improvements have been made to make it a more easy read. I really like the new manual and would recommend it to anyone.


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            To clarify here a bit, we are not currently working on a pdf version of the recently introduced Advanced GET Manual. However, we are working to create a comprehensive pdf document for using the Advanced GET studies w/in eSignal.

            So...if you are using the Advanced GET standalone software, it's best that you get a copy of the new manual. If you are an eSignal user subscribing to the Advanced GET studies as an add-on, then you can look forward to an abbreviated version of the GET manual being made available in a pdf format. No specific eta at this time but we are aiming for Q1 of 2004.

            Hope that helps.