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Tick change for ND and NQ futures

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  • Tick change for ND and NQ futures

    To all a reminder that as of Sunday April 2 (trade date April 3) the minimum tick for the Nasdaq100 and e-mini Nasdaq100 futures will be reduced from 0.50 to 0.25. The corresponding minimum tick values will be $25 and $5.

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    I knew the tick size of ND and NQ should have changed to .25 from .5 since 4/2/2006. But I am still receiving ONE digit after the decimal point, namely, .2 and .7 instead of .25 and .75, respectively. Sent an e-mail inquory to eSignal Tech support on Wednesday, but no response so far.


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      Hello HANGO,

      I do see where the ND futures are not correctly displaying the two digits after the decimal place. I have escalated this to our Data technicians to have it corrected.

      I looked at a chart of the NQ futures and I do not see where this is happening. Can you provide me an example of this for the NQ?

      Also, to make sure that eSignal reads the data correctly, make sure you are on the most current version. This ensures that when this problem gets fixed you will see the correct data format. You can download the latest version from the following link:

      Thank you for taking the time to report this.


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        I have a correction to make. I only collect ND futures data. When I realize my ND data is wrong, I assume NQ would happen the same way. Sorry for my stupid assumption!


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          No problem, I have escalated this, I will let you know when it is resolved.


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            It's been a week since I post the inqury about the problem on ND futures data. Hope it will be resolved soon!


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              Hi HANGO, I asked for an update on this and it looks like we will see the fix rolled out next week. Thank you for your patience.