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Please add color printing to the script editor.

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  • Please add color printing to the script editor.

    “Request a Feature” under the “Support” menu in eSignal 21.0.6191.426 64 bit does not work, when you try you get this error message: “An error occurred during submitting data to server.”. So, I'll make my request here along with reporting this error. Maybe other people would like this too?

    Could you please put a print button on the script editor so that the code can be printed out in the same font and colors that you see in the script editor? It would also be nice if you could save the code in color as a pdf. I printed my function library out in black and white so that I could reference it when I’m coding, but it would be much nicer in color.

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    Hi LetUsLearn,

    I have requested the same feature to add on script editor window with buttons. I have also asked for print preview and page set up too. Additional features requested are as below-
    1) to show bar data permanently on chart itself when left click on the bar with the help of drawing tool. This will help while manual backtesting and keeping screenshot of the trade setup. Which data to show can be modified too.

    2)To find any symbol in watchlist, either we have to right click and select find symbol from drop down menu or use F3 shortcut key. Requested to add a seachbox in the titlebar of watchlist and dashboard.

    3)To update sort feature in the watchlist. We can do coditional formatting on the watchlist but can not sort that conditional formatting.

    Please share your email or whatsapp so that we can discuss further regarding trading strategies and so on too.

    [email protected]