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Drawing tools and their anchors

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  • Drawing tools and their anchors

    The anchors on the drawing tools in 11 are often hard to see or can't be seen at all. This causes problems. One is that when you want to move a drawn tool and it is not actually activated, you wind up dragging the body of the chart rather than the tool. This can easily happen due to the fact that it is easy to confuse the pointer (finger) that activates the tool with the pointer (fist) that drags both the tool and the chart body. In a relaxed atmosphere, and carefully moving your pointer, this might not be a problem. But during trading it happens over and over. Never did in 10 as the size of the anchor adjusts to the size of the tool and is easily visible so you know the tool is activated. And while 11 has been improved to where you only need one click to attach to the object, I find it too easy in a busy situation to quickly click before you get the finger, see the fist, and then drag not the object but the chart body. While having the anchor more clearly visible should avoid this problem to some extent, combining that with having the pointer stay the same as it does in 10.6 would seem to be better. But maybe the finger/fist is more useful for some.

    Also, with the translucent anchor in 11, and even with the +, it's difficult to see the exact point at which you are trying to place the end of the line . The open box in 10.6 makes this easy.

    When you want to change the location of the starting/ending point of a line, the pointer changes to the 4 small arrows that looks like a snowflake. That thing really blocks your view of where you want to place the end of the line.

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    Thanks Jay. We do have this on our docket of things to improve in a future release. Unsure at this point where we can squeeze this in, but I agree it is something we need to change.
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