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    I would like to request an option be added to Range bars. I would like to have a new bar created when a chosen range has been reached, "not" when it has been exceeded. This is how Range bars were originally implemented by their creator Vincente Nicolellis.

    It may seem a trivial difference, but it actually has a big effect on how alerts, and stops/entries, etc. are triggered. Also, it actually makes for much cleaner signals, at least in my trading systems.

    It would seem to be a very simple addition, and I think many would find it useful.



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    range bar feature

    I will put this request in for you. You can also put feature requests like this in straight to our developers through the eSignal 11 software. In order to do this, click on support and then request a feature.
    Thank you,
    Eric O.
    eSignal Support


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      Thanks for the suggestion.

      This does sound like a simple change, however our Range Bars are now calculated on the server-side starting with 11.4 (due out this month). We've moved to a server-side implementation to dramatically speed up the delivery of these chart types (includes all Tick-based intervals). So while on the surface, this seems like a simple change, it will require changes throughout the system starting at the server, the middle tier libraries and ultimately then down to the software. It's a solid idea, but it will take some time to estimate, compare against other enhancements that are in line, and then implement.
      Jay F.
      Product Manager
      Have a suggestion to improve our products?
      Click Support --> Request a Feature in eSignal 11


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        eostrom and JayF,

        Thanks so much for the reply and the explanation. Hopefully, it can be added somewhere down the line.