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  • Screen Resolution Issues

    Hi all,

    My pc at work is a different resolution to my home laptop. I have everything set up at work to how I want it on my screen.

    When I download a page file created at work on to my home laptop it does not fit on the screen (see attached jpeg).

    Is there any way to get eSignal to rescale things automatically? I don't want to have to resize everything, work on the page, then have to resize it back at work. Surely it can store the window locations on a relative basis to the resolution and then resize on a different monitor? At the moment it just seems to be 'absolute'.

    Even if eSignal had a scroll feature so I could scroll the screen down to see the rest of the 'page' that would be a start, but I can't even work out how to do that. The bottom quarter of my charts are nowhere to be seen and just hang off the bottom of the screen.

    It strikes me as very restrictive and outdated in a time when people want to be able to work from different locations with ease. All other charting software I have used before manages to resize accordingly. I'm hoping there's some kind of way round this that I've missed with eSignal, and I'm just being stupid?!

    Please help!!


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    ok. Found 'Main Window Scrollbars' check in general preferences, which is a work around I guess, but if anyone has any ideas how to get the pages to resize to the screen they are being displayed in that would be handy.



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      The auto adjust windows are not yet available for eSignal. I'll forward it on to the Product Manager as an added enhancement for a later version.

      eSignal Support