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  • Elliott Wave Alert

    I am new in Advanced Get so I need some help.
    I would like to insert an Elliott Wave Alert on several stocks.

    I have got Tradestation 6 . Is there any way to implement Elliott wave on it ?

    Anyone can help me ?

    Nicola from Italy

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    Hi Nik,

    If you are trying to put an Elliot wave into Tradestation 6, this will not be possible as it isn't one of their studies. You can look at Elliot waves within eSignal or if you have the Advanced get software.
    I hope this helps.

    Graeme Ballard,
    eSignal Support


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      I have got Advanced get but I am not able to insert elliott wave alert.
      What is Elliott trigger for ? Is that an alert ? if yes how can I set it.
      Alert are only those listed ?
      If I want to set an alert when the price cross over the bollinger bands what should I do?

      Nicola from italy


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        Hi Nicola,

        The Elliot wave alerts I am not familiar with as they are not within the eSignal application.
        The Elliot trigger is another type of study and is not really an alert, more like a MACD type study.
        When you say set an alert for the Bollinger bands, is this within eSignal? I know you can design your own formulas in the eSignal application and there are examples you can use. "Right click on an advanced chart" then go to "formulars, Wizards and then Alerts" This will show you the examples.

        Graeme Ballard,
        eSignal Support


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          What is Elliott trigger for ?

          Elliott Trigger is an indicator that is used to confirm the end of a wave4.
          It should be used in conjunction with the Get Oscillator.

          When Get labels a wave4 and the Oscillator has pulled back to 0 (or within the specified 90-140% retracement of its maximum excursion in wave3) then the Trigger can provide further confirmation that a wave4 has ended.

          In the first image you can see that Get has labeled the wave4, the Oscillator has pulled back and the Trigger has crossed the 0 line hence giving a signal that the wave4 has likely ended.

          In the following image you see the continuation of that setup

          Notice now this other setup. Although all the other conditions are exactly the same as in the first image above (including the break of the 6/4 channel and the fact that prices are within the green wave4 channel) the Trigger is not confirming the end of wave4...

          ...which instead happens in the following image

          The Elliott Trigger has two modes, one is the Normal to be used with the Original wave count and the 5/35 Oscillator and the other is the Long Term to be used with Long Term count and 10/70 Oscillator.

          Hope this helps

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            Alert are only those listed ?

            No you can create your own through efs (more below in this message)

            If I want to set an alert when the price cross over the bollinger bands what should I do?

            Attached is an efs that will do the following:

            - if the close is above the upper BB it will paint the bars green. However the first time the event happens it will paint paint the bar blue and will also sound an alarm (ding) and open the Triggered Alert List pop up window.
            - if the close is below the lower BB it will paint the bars pink. The first time the event happens it will paint the bar red, sound the alarm and open the Triggered Alert List.

            Download the efs to your computer, save it in one of the Formulas subfolders in the eSignal folder (for ease of use I would suggest the Wizard subfolder).
            Then launch the Formula Wizard (Tools->Formula Wizard) and when given the option select "Open an existing formula". Select the attached efs and see how this was done.

            Hope this helps

            Attached Files
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              how can I change the colors in such a way in the
              "BB of signal (2) .efs" that with short everything is red
              and with long of everything green, thus no black sticks
              in a Kagi Chart?

              Thank you for the assistance in advance.



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                Which efs are you referring to? You may want to attach it to your reply or post the code.


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                  Hello Alex,

                  enclosed the correct efs, I has still another second efs with the same problem, I creates unfortunately not yet the colors to change in such a way, as I it gladly pleases me.

                  Thank you for the assistance.


                  I have the "efs" as email to you skillfully because that to send as "attach file" with me did not function.
                  Attached Files


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                    The attachment is blank. You may want to try attaching again or copying and pasting the script into the message.

                    PS. Also the efs by email did not make it through


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                      why is the Attachment always empty, which I make wrongly?

                      Here is the code:

                      // {{EFSWizard_Description
                      // This formula which generated by the Alert Wizard
                      //}} EFSWizard_Description 7532

                      // {{EFSWizard_Declarations

                      var vBollinger6 = new BollingerStudy (6, "CLOSE", 2);
                      var vLastAlert = -1;

                      //}} EFSWizard_Declarations 9964

                      function preMain () {
                      * This function is called only once, before any OF the of bear of acres loaded.
                      * Place any study or EFS configuration COMMAND here.
                      // {{EFSWizard_PreMain
                      setPriceStudy (true);
                      setStudyTitle ("BB of signal (2)");
                      set cursor label name ("BBup", 0);
                      set cursor label name ("BBbase", 1);
                      set cursor label name ("BBlo", 2);
                      setDefaultBarStyle (PS_SOLID, 0);
                      setDefaultBarStyle (PS_SOLID, 1);
                      setDefaultBarStyle (PS_SOLID, 2);
                      setDefaultBarFgColor (, 0);
                      setDefaultBarFgColor (, 1);
                      setDefaultBarFgColor (, 2);
                      setDefaultBarThickness (1, 0);
                      setDefaultBarThickness (1, 1);
                      setDefaultBarThickness (1, 2);
                      setPlotType (PLOTTYPE_LINE, 0);
                      setPlotType (PLOTTYPE_LINE, 1);
                      setPlotType (PLOTTYPE_LINE, 2);
                      //}} EFSWizard_PreMain 77009


                      function Main () {
                      * The Main () function is called once by without on all previous bear, once by
                      * each incoming completed bar, and if you don't have "setComputeOnClose (true)"
                      * in your preMain (), it is thus called on every tick.

                      // {{EFSWizard_Expressions
                      // {{EFSWizard_Expression_1
                      if (
                      CLOSE () > vBollinger6.getValue (BollingerStudy.UPPER)
                      ) onAction1 ()
                      //}} EFSWizard_Expression_1 10860

                      // {{EFSWizard_Expression_2
                      else if (
                      CLOSE () < vBollinger6.getValue (BollingerStudy.LOWER)
                      ) onAction2 ()
                      //}} EFSWizard_Expression_2 12611

                      // {{EFSWizard_Expression_3
                      else if (
                      1 == 1
                      ) onAction3 ();
                      //}} EFSWizard_Expression_3 6846

                      //}} EFSWizard_Expressions 59131

                      // {{EFSWizard_Return
                      return new array (
                      vBollinger6.getValue (BollingerStudy.UPPER),
                      vBollinger6.getValue (BollingerStudy.BASIS),
                      vBollinger6.getValue (BollingerStudy.LOWER)
                      //}} EFSWizard_Return 23438


                      function post office Main () {
                      * The post office Main () function is called only once, when the EFS is NO more longer used for
                      * the current symbol (IE, symbol CHANGE, closing, or application shutdown chart).

                      // {{EFSWizard_Actions
                      // {{EFSWizard_Action_1
                      function onAction1 () {
                      setPriceBarColor (Color.RGB (0,255,0));
                      if (vLastAlert! = 1) setPriceBarColor (Color.RGB (0,255,0));
                      if (vLastAlert! = 1) Alert.addToList (GET symbol () + " "+getInterval (), "Kagi BB LONG", Color.RGB (0,0,0), Color.RGB (195,0,0));
                      if (vLastAlert! = 1) Alert.playSound ("C:\ \ PROGRAMS \ \ ESIGNAL \ \ sounds \ \ Applause.wav");
                      if (vLastAlert! = 1) drawTextRelative (0, low (), "é",, zero, Text.TOP|Text center|Text.BOLD, "Wingdings", 12);
                      vLastAlert = 1;
                      //}} EFSWizard_Action_1 42516

                      // {{EFSWizard_Action_2
                      function onAction2 () {
                      setPriceBarColor (Color.RGB (255,0,0));
                      if (vLastAlert! = 2) setPriceBarColor (Color.RGB (255,0,0));
                      if (vLastAlert! = 2) Alert.addToList (GET symbol () + " "+getInterval (), "Kagi BB SHORT", Color.RGB (255,0,0), Color.RGB (255,0,0));
                      if (vLastAlert! = 2) Alert.playSound ("C:\ \ PROGRAMS \ \ ESIGNAL \ \ sounds \ \ Neufax.wav");
                      if (vLastAlert! = 2) drawTextRelative (0, high (), "ê",, zero, Text.BOTTOM|Text center|Text.BOLD, "Wingdings", 12);
                      vLastAlert = 2;
                      //}} EFSWizard_Action_2 30974

                      // {{EFSWizard_Action_3
                      function onAction3 () {
                      setPriceBarColor (Color.RGB (0,255,0));
                      vLastAlert = 3;
                      //}} EFSWizard_Action_3 10645

                      // {{EFSWizard_Action_4
                      //function onAction4 () {
                      // setPriceBarColor (Color.RGB (255,0,0));
                      // vLastAlert = 4;
                      //}} EFSWizard_Action_4 10231

                      //function onAction5() {
                      // setPriceBarColor(Color.RGB(0,0,255));
                      // vLastAlert = 5;
                      //}}EFSWizard_Action_5 10135

                      //}}EFSWizard_Actions 142979

                      Many greetings and still another beautiful evening.


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                        The script you enclosed has too many syntax errors (probably created by the spelling checker or translator you used) to be workable.
                        You will need to attach the efs if you want someone to look at it.


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                          here a new attempt, perhaps folds it this time.

                          Attached Files


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                            The attached efs should now do what you want.
                            Open it with the Formula Wizard and then apply the same logic to the other efs you have.
                            Attached Files


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                              Hi Alex,

                              Please share details on email alert too and how to use vatibales to get values in email alert too.

                              Lucky [email protected]