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  • Livecharts/ cannot handle a load

    I am getting freezes, constant resets. Yesterday it was almost useless and actually impaired doing any useful trading because it was so disruptive.

    Today its a still freezing and resetting constantly. It was working fine last night after trading hours but this morning we're back to the same thing. Basically useless.

    I've been a subscriber to livecharts/ for six years now and this is as bad as it was in the very beginning.

    It seems like they are porting their software with the acquisition?

    If so its obvious it cannot handle the offered load on the servers during trading hours. I'm using backups now but if this continues I'm sure we'll be switching to something else.

    Maybe as a suggestion they designate a proxy for paid subscribers only if they have capacity problems?

    Not good guys. I also thought it was a nice touch that the 'help' button on the chart (quote.come) leads you to a dead end now.

    This is completely unacceptable for a paid service.
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    Livecharts usless

    Having the same problems, Livecharts was useless yesterday during trading hours, fine after the market closed, useless again today, not acceptable for a paid service, email to the help has not been responded to. I have also been a subscriber for 4 years, will start looking for something else shortly if the problems are not resolved


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      When I checked this morning under system status it said the problem had been resolved and the system was working fine, would be really nice if they actually posted when there are problems immediately and kept that information up to date.