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    Hey CK,

    I took a look at CME. It had an unusually extra large volume of trades after the bell.
    A 390 on an RTH chart will give the cumulative trade volume twix 9:30 and 16:00.
    The Daily bar volume gives total volume all day, RTH+ETH, and are supposedly from the official exchange records after the nightly update....somewhere twix 7 and 8pm ET for eSignal (or so I've been told).

    Anyhoo, take a look at an All Sessions chart with volume study(with RMS off).
    One can see the large volumes after the bell.

    [edit - PG comment deleted. A different story if using "accurate" multi-min setting]

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      Daily charts and excess lines

      riginally posted by billbled
      if you are seeing the same daily charts disappearing issue - please put in a post in this thread or send an email to the QCharts Tech Support mailbox at [email protected]

      I'm trying to see if there are other users seeing this, and if so, what is the commonality between them.

      I am also seeing the daily charts disappear or just fail to load upon changing symbols using build 1550.

      In addition, when I started up one day last week I had probably 200 extended and segment lines running vertically or diagonally through the midpoint horizontal line of a $TICK chart.



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        Originally posted by JayF
        I understand the difficulty in moving up to 1613 if you have a large number of legacy lines drawn under 5.1 and that carried over from build after build. We will try to improve the Edit Lines interface in 6.1 to help here...

        Regarding the future, the server-side plans haven't been fully fleshed out yet, but we should be matching the strategies used in the Multi-minute Bars' Accurate Mode, thus preventing the need to go through another conversion again.
        Thank you Jay. An improved edit lines interface would help. Please keep us advised, I have a very large number of lines drawn and no way of knowing which were drawn in 5 or which in 6. In the mean while, I will continue to run build 1550 until a release that facilitates migrating my workspace.

        I also appreciate the information regarding plans for server side multi-minute bar build. Will non-standard intervals be available as server side or will that continue to be client side?

        Best regards



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          Daily & Intraday charts painting different High price today as well as different volume (although there is no premarket action shown in All Sessions).

          See pic.

          Edit: Note this is with MMB=Accurate.
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            Originally posted by ckelly
            Daily & Intraday charts painting different High price today as well as different volume (although there is no premarket action shown in All Sessions).

            See pic.

            Edit: Note this is with MMB=Accurate.
            I see the samething on GVA running build 1550 Carol.



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              Daily and Intraday painting different highs

              Daily & Intraday charts painting different High price today as well as different volume (although there is no premarket action shown in All Sessions).

              See pic.

              Edit: Note this is with MMB=Accurate.'

              'I am seeinig the same thing with the same MMB setting



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                Time And Sales

                1613 Time and Sales still will not display the highs and lows in
                bright red or bright green.

                Also, Tick Volumes in the option quote sheets are sill not
                working or are inaccurate unless the sheet has been active
                all day.

                She's a pretty smooth program and stable, too.



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                  Hi All,

                  On the whole I have been using v1613 now since it was released. As I said before, it has ironed out all the issues I had with the previous versions and for me is totally useable and a massive improvement over Qcharts V5.

                  However I am now having major issues. I have recently put up my screen resolution to 1280*1024 (used to be 1024*768). Qcharts is spanned over 2 screens.

                  I get serious graphics corruption on my workspaces. Infact it does not just affect qcharts but bleeds onto my other windows also.

                  Is this is known issue? Is there a workaround?

                  I would welcome any feedback on this please.

                  Many thanks.



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                    Some corruption did occur when I changed my screen resolution
                    as well. Going from a 4 x 3 format to something a lot closer
                    to a 4 x 4 did that for me. I went all the way to 1680 x 1050
                    which is a 16 x 9 super wide. I had to start all over on
                    designing a new desktop for Qcharts. Just took a day to finish.

                    The print is pretty small, but I can get an incredible amount of
                    info on the screen and I see really good.



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                      Many thanks for the reply hardtail

                      Mine is a 4 Monitor SYSTEM and I run Qcharts on two 15" 4x3 monitors out of that configuration and hence the max resolution is 1280*1024.

                      It took me ages too to change all my workspaces for the new resolution, but sadly this corruption makes it totally unusable.

                      I really hope someone has a solution as this problem is solely due to qcharts.

                      As soon as I shut down qcharts, all the corruption disappears on the other many windows of programs I have open.

                      Jay any ideas? I really need a solution as I do not want to go back to 1024*768 because this resolution makes qcharts a dream with the information you can fit on the screens.




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                        I'm working on researching this issue - what video cards are you running?


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                          Originally posted by billbled
                          I'm working on researching this issue - what video cards are you running?
                          Many thanks Bill.

                          I was using 2 * PCIe NVIDIA 7300GT 256MB.

                          I thought they maybe the issue so upgraded to 2 * PCIe NVIDIA 8500GT 512MB.

                          Both have given exactly the same issue and upgrading the card made no difference.

                          I am using the latest drive 186.18.

                          It is definitely Qcharts that is causing this because no matter how many other windows or programs I have open, the moment I close down qcharts, the corruption goes away.

                          Looking forward to your research.



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                            Thanks for the feedback.
                            The previous few issues (2) I've tracked of this have been on ATi Radeon cards - I was trying to see if there was a problem between the Radeon drivers and the QCharts builds. But you running into it with nVidia cards sorta derails that.

                            Can you check one other thing for me? When you all see this "graphics anamoly" start to happen - can you pull Windows Task Manager and see what percent CPU usage is going on at that time?

                            It seems to be a sporatic issue, not all users are affected, so I'm trying to track down a common thread for the ones that are.


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                              Hi Bill,

                              It varies between 3% and maybe spike upto 11%.

                              For me the more windows and applications I open, the worse it gets. However as soon as I close down Qcharts, it disapears.

                              If I just have a few windows open and qcharts, its ok.

                              Really baffled by this, it looks like a resources issue but I have no idea which resources. Something to do with open windows and applications for me for sure and Qcharts is taking too much of those resources.

                              My PC is WINDOWS XP, 4GB RAM, NFORCE4 CHIPSET, AMD ATHLON X2 4200MHZ

                              Thanks for trying to resolve. Where is Jay or the Qcharts team for this issue?



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                                Both Jay and the development team are aware of this and looking into it. I'm trying to help do some legwork and gather information. Thanks for all you all's feedback on it.