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QLink and Quattro Pro

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  • JayF
    The new QLink works on the CF_UNICODETEXT DDE format, so any software that supports that, QLink should work fine with.

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  • shortandlong
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  • shortandlong
    started a topic QLink and Quattro Pro

    QLink and Quattro Pro

    I'm unable to get QLink (RC3) to work with Quattro Pro.

    QLink should really work with any DDE aware app.

    I really don't need/want an add-in for Quattro Pro, but would like to be able to use QLink with Quattro.

    From DDESpy (Microsoft software tool), it appears that QLink is using a proprietary DDE Format. Quattro cycles through all the formats it knows about and can't find one that QLink supports.

    If that's the case, could you please support DDE Formats like CF_TEXT, Csv, Biff3 or something so any DDE aware application can use QLink.

    (I'm running eSignal Data Manager 7.9, build 291. Since I'm using Omega Research/Dynastore, I can't upgrade too far.)

    Am I missing something or should this work?